Some New Constellations is the work of eight photographers who make up the 2023 MFA in Photography cohort at the University of Hartford.

When we gaze at the unobscured night sky with its field of stars, we find patterns in the points of light. In doing so, we are making our own creations—our own projections of meaning. When we gaze at the world before us and make photographs, we are using a frame to direct the viewer.

As students, we are encouraged to not only point the camera but assert a point of view through the relationships between our images. Those connections multiply when we are asked to come together and present a field of work as eight disparate artists. Just as people trace the night sky with their eyes and pointed fingers, we ask you to look upon our collection and find the constellations within.

Hartford Art School
2023 MFA in Photography Thesis Exhibition
Open to the public August 7–12, 2023

Closing reception
Friday August 11, 7-9pm

Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, CT

Gallery Hours:
MON-THURS 12-6 pm, FRI‑Sat 1-5 pm